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GMR has officially retired from our breeding program!

It has been an amazing journey with the breed, and have meet many incredible people along the way ... Thank-you for becoming amazing guardians of believed horses.

We have 4 horses available.  

They all have been under saddle and looking for restart, ages range and are priced with this in mind, also potential companion placements.
so please email us here!

happy to connect with you over opportunities.  


 Black  / Palomino / Buckskin 

GMR Horses

We have three great mares, two (blacks) are potential restarts, breeding and/or companion ...  palomino is a sweet companion girl.  The breed, by nature, have an amazing affinity for people.

Our buckskin gelding (former stallion) is also available and will be going into restart this spring. Looking fo an experienced home for this boy at this level.  photos to come.  Happy to talk about this amazing opportunity, give us a call!

Restarting will begin fall 2020, prices will be subject to restart level. 

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