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Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse gelding

A Breed Apart

We have  been dedicated to raising and promoting these incredible horses in Western Canada.  We are located on beautiful acreage in the heart of the Shuswap Lake District near Chase, British Columbia Canada. 


We are privileged to have direct access to crown land and amazing trails.  Pastures are large with diverse terrain giving our horses nature's own training ground. The trails and valley views are spectacular ~ and the horses are charmers! We look forward to meeting you at the Ranch! The appeal of the Mountain Saddle Horses is rooted in their calm, inquisitive disposition combined with the ease-of-ride and natural gait.


Still relatively rare in Canada, this unique and gentle breed possesses incredible qualities and versatility for all ages and skill level of riders from experience to novice alike.


Their natural, smooth 4-beat gait is becoming very popular and is ideal for those with injuries or who can no longer withstand the jarring of the trot. This single foot footfall can be counted in equal candescence in a 1-2-3-4 rhythm.The breed are easy keepers, pastured 24/7 and withstand our Canadian winters with ease.

Their willing and tractable dispositions are amazing to work with and their interactive and inquisitive nature is endless. We have kept it a priority to raise our horses in a natural, large treed environments.



Among the Rockies!


Our love of these wonderful gaited Mountain Saddled Horse breeds, native to the Appalacian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky, began on our small family run ranch NW of Cochrane Alberta..


It is the Mountain Saddle Horse's unique combination of traits in temperament, intelligence, willingness, versitility, stamina, gait and beauty that attracted us to the breed.  Personslities and characters who melt into your life and become lifelong companions.  


Truely a breed apart, nature has gifted them with amazing magical qualities and an affitnity for people that inspires and builds connection.  We work hard to match rider and horse and provide an extended support connection with each purchase. 


Our long standing breeding program has brought us along many incredible journeys and developed many new friendships in our growing mountian horse community in Canada and around the world.   We enjoy sharing our knowledge and understanding of breed, care and keep, working with and training these amazning horses.  Stacey & Bruce are Examiners with the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association and Stacey also holds her certification as an Equine BodyWorker. 


GMR horses are now as far travelled as Germany!  It is an adventurous journey and the results have been tremendous ... our horses have great new homes in Canada and USA! 


Please contact us for more details on individual horses for sale - We look forward to sharing the breed with you! 

Visit our Horses for Sale  . . .

Skimikin Valley, British Columbia


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